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Barbara Lewis

Barbara Lewis
Creator of NEW WORLD FUSION exotic blend of world, folk & jazz

Love | Freedom | Once In A Blue Moon |
| Hara's Quest | Book of Dreams

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New!  LOVE  CD - Barbara Lewis
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Freedom CD
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Once in a Blue Moon CD
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Hara's Quest CD
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Hara's Perfume Oil
(With Elegant Bag)


Dreams CD

Two tranquil songs for serene bedtime listening.
A relaxing gift!

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Audio Clip

A two song CD.

Love - A passionate song about the power of love that lasts a lifetime.

Body - An exotic ballad about a woman's deep body massage.


Barbara Lewis has that special something that enables her to create some of the most original and beautiful musical tapestries that I've heard..... If you're looking for the perfect gift... this just might be what you're looking for. It's art, it's beauty and best of all, It's Love.
- Michael Allison, THEGLOBALMUSE.COM


Three ravishing songs inspired by three fascinating places:

Holy - about an ancient church in Venice, Italy;

Freedom - impressions from New York City;

Light - a healing walk along a sun-drenched beach on a gulf-coast island.


Barbara Lewis uses her powerful voice in a very warm manner in compositions that present traits from Atmospheric Pop and Jazz. This CD single consists of three themes: "Holy", "Freedom" and "Light". In all of them, the artist shows her love for beautiful melodies.
- Derek Doarn, Amazings Reviews, Sept. 2000

Once in a Blue Moon

    "Once in a Blue Moon," is a soaring ballad about the power of taking the chance to begin anew, of seizing the opportunity that comes but "once in blue moon."

Listeners' comments:

"I put the CD player on repeat and listened to it all afternoon." - Beverley McGuire, Montreal, Canada

"I listened for four hours. . . It's a classic!" - Harriet Surovell - Arts Critic - New York, USA

"Once in a Blue Moon is a...passionate, yearning-for-life song. It appeals to all ages...a catchy melody that grabs the listener." - Marvin Hershorn Montreal, Canada

"Once In A Blue Moon"  is the theme song for a new online concept called, Dreamshare. 

"Once In A Blue Moon" CD also contains the song, "Dolphin Dream," a serene underwater dreamscape.   

To listen to a sound clip and read lyrics and origin from "Once in a Blue Moon," click here.


Hara's Quest

The songs on Hara's Quest are written in Barbara's unique musical style called "New World Fusion," a blend of world/folk and jazz that features sensuous rhythms and exotic melodies. The 11 songs on the CD explore a woman's journey to the South Pacific to rediscover her visionary powers.

Listeners' comments:

"I love your CD. It is incredible! I listen to it all the time in my car." - Janet Bowman, San Franscisco, USA

"Let me take this opportunity to compliment you on your CD. It is absolutely excellent. I spend many hours in front of my computer. . . Listening to Hara's Quest . . . makes my life much easier.
- Lynn Bookalam, Montreal, Canada

"It expresses something so deep in people's hearts, so deep that people do not know themselves." - Liao Anli, Hong Kong, China

"It moves me into my own experience and feelings. It seems to bring my awareness from the outer world into my personal inner world." - Florence Calgary, Canada


 Song clips:

In the underwater dreamscape "Dolphin Dream," Hara is guided by dolphins to foresee the future.

In the sensual song, "Body," Hara begins to understand the purpose for her long journey.

"Lullaby For A Deep Sleep," is a powerful song about forgiveness and letting go of the past. 

"Cities," (real audio) is a hypnotic song about traveling by sea in search of "home."

    "After a year of playing the Hara's Quest music to a variety of audiences, several songs emerged as favorites. We have recorded two of those songs on video.  The video was shot at Concordia University's Cazalet Theatre, in Montreal, Canada.  My husband, Nicholas Regush produced the video. 
I hope you enjoy the clips."    - Barbara  Lewis

     For more production details, see Video Production Notes.

     This video is being aired on select TV shows in both Canada and the United States.  It can also be purchased from Cutting Edge Productions. 


Cutting Edge Productions has created a rich blend of oils called Hara's Perfume Oil, inspired by the song "Body" on the Hara's Quest CD. During the song, Hara experiences a life-changing vision as she is massaged with exotic fragrant oils during a deep-body massage. For information on Hara's Perfume Oil, click here.

Musicians on the CD:

On the Hara's Quest CD, Barbara is accompanied by seven instrumentalists who play keyboard, guitar, bass, percussion, flute, viola and tenor sax, and by three back-up singers. On stage, her music is performed by a core group of four musicians.

Hara's Quest Production




A Musical Case Pageant in Two ZigZags
Book of  Dreams CD
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Book of Dreams

Book of Dreams is an experimental cabaret musical about staying true to your hopes and dreams. It tells the story of a young woman named Zoe who learns how difficult it is to remain true to her heart's desires. 

A zany musical, the show includes nine fantastical characters who either help or hinder Zoe's journey to self-understanding. Beautiful melodies combine with haunting futuristic sound effects. 

Barbara wrote the music and lyrics for Book of Dreams. The script was written by Nicholas Regush. Richard Hunt arranged the songs and played keyboard in the performances. The CD was engineered by Mark Corwin at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Barbara and Richard Hunt performed the show off-Broadway at Steve McGraw's in New York City.

Hear the Real Audio clip, Was It All A Dream.
Book of Dreams
is a limited edition collector's item.


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