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Barbara Lewis

Creator of NEW WORLD FUSION exotic blend of world, folk & jazz





Barbara Lewis is a unique singer/songwriter who combines beautiful melodies and a haunting, wide-range voice.

Her music expresses time-honored yearnings: searching for freedom, embracing life's mysteries and staying true to your heart's desires.

A storyteller for modern times, Barbara incorporates song and spoken text in her highly original performances. Read More.

(Read in French)

• Read about Barbara's current performance, "Crossroads."

• For more on Barbara Lewis & singing, visit

Musical Style 

Barbara's musical style, "New World Fusion, is a blend of world/folk and jazz that features sensuous rhythms and exotic melodies.

To learn more about her recent compositions, Dreams, Love, Freedom, Once in a Blue Moon and Hara's Quest, click here. 

From 1990 to 1997, Barbara taught at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, where she worked with singers who were interested in songwriting and music theatre, jazz, pop, classical and rock styles. 

Book of Dreams

In 1993, the Concordia University produced an experimental CD titled Book of Dreams, a zany show composed and performed by Barbara that spoke to the need for staying true to oneself. The script was written by Nicholas Regush. Barbara performed Book of Dreams off-Broadway at Steve McGraw's in New York City. For more information about Book of Dreams, click here.

Cutting Edge Productions

Barbara also directs her own company, Cutting Edge Productions (CEP). CEP explores the frontiers of human experience through songs, words and visuals. It is committed to creating music and related products meant to inspire listeners and buyers to cherish the mysteries of life and to seek freedom.

To learn more about Cutting Edge Productions - click here.

Previous shows 

Barbara's previous shows include Songs from the British Isles: Journey to a Time Long Past, featuring Celtic music, and a children's environmental musical called Home on the Big Spaceship Earth, commissioned by the City of Westmount, Quebec.



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