barbara lewis

Dreamshare - Make your dreams come true!


Dreamshare is about our precious dreams, and planning to make them come true.


Imagine this! You have a dream - to find a better job, to learn how to sing, to write a book, to manage a store, to learn a new language, to start your own company...

You decide this time, you are going to make it happen. 

For several days you remain excited.  You make plans. You progress.  Gradually, though, the energy and the motivation dwindle.  Once again, the dream slips away.

It happens all the time.

Dreamshare is a goal-planning concept.  It is based upon a buddy system that encourages women and men to follow up and affirm one another's goal processes. Your goals can be long-term or short-term.  Dreamshare is also meant to help you realize your bigger dreams, as well; the ones that may take a year or more to realize.

So many men and women today do not have the reinforcement that is needed to keep their goals in perspective and their dreams alive. We believe Dreamshare can help.

Here is how it works, in 7 steps:  

1. Commit yourself to a goal.

2. Find a friend or an associate with whom you can entrust your goal.  The friend or associate should have the same faith in you.

3. Agree to talk at least once a week.  You may meet in person, talk on the phone, correspond through e-mail, or meet in an online chat system. 

You must set aside at least one hour of undisturbed time each week for one another.

4. Your first talk will take longer.  You will each discuss what your long-term goal is, why you have chosen the particular goal and how committed you are to seeing it through.

5. Then you will carefully lay out the steps required to reach your goals, and discuss them.  First one dream and then the other. Equal time, equal concern. This part is essential: talk through the steps write them down, think them through together. You may need two meetings to complete this task.

6. At the end of the planning session(s), each of you should have a written account of the other person's step-by-step list.

7. Each week, you contact one another and discuss what you accomplished that week and what your plans are for the coming week. 


As time passes and circumstances change, you will need to re-think your plans.  

You congratulate one another when steps are successfully taken and support one another when little gets done.  Most important, you won't let one another give up!

We have suggested a partnership of two people; however, you can work in larger teams. The important point is that you have at least one person you can count on for the long haul, as long as a year.

Your dreams are important. With focus and support, you can make them realities.