Currently, Barbara is working on a new project for the 2018/19 seasons titled:

BLOOD ORCHID: Songs by Powerful Women”

Conceived as a multi-media project, Blood Orchid: The Concert will include cover songs written by or made famous by well-known women singers such as: Edith Piaf –  If you go away/Ne me quitte pas; Bonnie Raitt – I can’t make you love me; Nina Simone – You know how I feel; Nana Mouskouri – Every Grain of Sand; Joni Mitchell –  A Case of You; Eartha Kitt – I wanna be evil; Mercedes Sosa – Gracias a la vida; Bette Midler – The Rose and many more.

Barbara will also sing several of her own compositions in this show such as BodyLullaby for a deep sleep, Blood Orchid and other songs that she is currently writing.

Why the name, “Blood Orchid?”
Orchids have great beauty… in some cases, almost a spiritual quality. But they are also very earthy and sexually complex. Orchids are survivors – they may go back as far as 100 million years and therefore are among the oldest known flowers on the planet. Their roots can live in soil, but many take their nutrients, almost magically, from the air. Orchids are a complex blend of earth and space; beauty and subterfuge; hardiness and great fragility.

At this point, there is no plant known as the Blood Orchid.

Some of the songs in “Blood Orchid,” have been made popular by famous singers. But with many songs, that will not be the case.

“I believe that power is not about celebrity. Power comes from knowing one’s self. From feeling at peace with who you are and where you are in this moment. Not that you will not change. Change is certain. But you do not need to change to be at rest – right now. What that kind of personal peace, I believe, comes true power.”

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