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About Me
Many singing students ask me about ways to improve their breathing. I usually take these singers through a few simple breathing  exercises like the one you hear in the sample on this page.
But I also make it clear how important it is to have the right mental attitude when you approach any aspect of singing. For that reason, I have put together several breathing exercises that are like guided meditations. Each of these 7 exercises offers a specific theme that  I hope will not only improve your breathing but will help to empower  YOU as a singer, in general.
Empowerment Breathing Guides

1. Voice/breath
2. Body/breath
3. Career/breath
4. End_of_day
5. Before_performing
6  Healing_body
7. Healing_mind
Empowerment Breathing Guides - For Singers

Listen Free to one of Barbara’s breathing exercises.
 Guided Breathing Exercise (2:41)
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