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Barbara Lewis Music sells two TV-quality music videos often seen on PBS stations and on Classical Arts Showcase. To purchase one of these high quality videos - send us an e-mail with your request to: Barbara Lewis Music

You can view videos here:

Video 1 -  Lullaby For A Deep Sleep (best seller)

Video 2 - “Body” (plays on PBS stations)

Video 3 - “Temptation” (live from a performance of the show, “Crossroads” at the Montreal International Fringe Festival - June, 2006)

Video 4 -
Interview about the show, “Crossroads” concert-version. Barbara sings “Second Chance” in the interview.

Video 5 & 6 - Barbara performs at The Green Room, in Montreal, March 2007. Watch “Love” & the sensuous, “Hotel Life in Gotham City” Both songs are from the show, Crossroads. (Video footage provided by Raphael Bendahan)

Video 7 -  Barbara in
rehearsal with band for concert singing, “Leaving New York”

Video 8 - Watch Barbara’s Instructional Video Series, WBLV

4. From TV Interview

3. From “Crossroads”

2. “Body”

1. “Lullaby”

7. From Rehearsal - “Leaving New York”

8. WBLV Video Series


6. “Love” at The Green Room, Montreal

5. “Gotham City” at The Green Room, Montreal