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1. Two songs by legends: Suzanne by Leonard Cohen, Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell
2. Christmas Songs Plus!: Silent Night, Rise Up Shepherd, Ain’t Love Easy
3. Most Requested:  7 songs  (My bestsellers!)

4. Hara’s Quest: 10 songs from A Woman’s Mystical Journey

  1. Two Legends – Barbara Lewis sings Leonard Cohen & Joni Mitchell

2. Christmas Plus – Silent Night (with a touch of gospel), Rise Up Shepherds & Ain’t Love Easy (by Carol hall)

3. Most Requested – Some of the songs that have been most requested in concerts.

4. Hara’s Quest – Barbara’s all-original songs with a 10-instrument backing.

5. Lullaby for a Deep Sleep – Barbara’s best selling song with 8-instrument backing including strings.

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2-SONG GIFT CDS – in gorgeous cardboard sleeves.

Dreams by Barbara Lewis1. DREAMS CD For Your Resting Pleasure
2 serene songs to take you into a sensuous world that is both restful and sweet.
(Recorded in New York City);
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 on Itunes.
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Barbara Lewis, Once in a Blue Moon2. ONCE IN A BLUE MOON CDBarbara´s All Time Best Seller!
Uplifting and Inspiring – Two Songs that take you into a more hopeful state of mind. (Recorded in Montreal & New York City).
To listen to this soothing music and to purchase:
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Purchase the physical GIFT CD!
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