Mexico, Bones, My Canada & More – 2015 /June Letter From Barbara Lewis Music

It’s hot now – about 31 degrees every day (88F) – and humid/steamy. I walk down the beach in the morning to swim in a cove that has been human-created using hundreds of chunks of gigantic stone that form an arc and thus, a cove. The ocean is much quieter in this cove. I can float, look up at the endless sky and think…

It’s a good place, no, the perfect place to think about music. I came here to write some music for my new show called, “My Canada.” And to consider new-fangled ways to take this show on the road.

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Let’s Get Spiritual! (One Definition of Spirituality Revisited)

Let’s Get Spiritual! Can you imagine John Travolta, cradling the nubile Olivia Newton-John in his arms, gazing lustily into her incredibly blue eyes and singing, “Let’s get spiritual?” No, I thought not. For those not in the know, the words they sang were, “Let’s Get Physical”, from the musical “Grease,” a …

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