Monthly “Letter to Friends”


Hello and Welcome!

When I write my monthly communications, I approach them as I would a letter to a friend.  I talk about my life as a singer. The ups and downs of being a performer. Finding ways to stay healthy and happy in a pretty hectic and demanding business. I also talk about my hopes for upcoming concerts & recordings.
If I could, I would ask each of you about your lives, too. Unfortunately, this is a one-sided communication. But you can speak to me on Facebook…  or send a reply e-mail to me. So…

Sign up for my free Monthly “Letter to Friends” from Barbara Lewis using the yellow form on this page. Thank you for joining me! I will also share with you ideas about my other passions:
1. Aging Well – Learning to see our age as our power, not our shame. Ways to find with greater well being; love & romance; especially in our later years. Read How to Find Love now!
2. Naturethe healing power of nature.
3. Love expanding our understanding and experience of Love.

This “Letter to friends” will come to you about once a month. Occasionally I will send out info about specials in my Gift Shop for Singers Over Forty.


You will receive a Free Gift MP3 titled, “Dreams”  a deeply relaxing song written on an island near the west coast of Florida. Serene. Restful. You will sit back and take a deep breath…

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