I hope things are going well for you!
For my part, here in Montreal, I am so happy that we have left the winter behind. Today it is a summery 26C degrees (73F).
I am very fortunate to live in the country. I look out on a watery view that changes day to day. And we have some pretty spectacular sunsets. You can see a photo here: sunset-May2.

The one down-side to life in the “country” is the longish car ride into Montreal. But it is a price I gladly pay to have this beauty at my doorstep day after day…

My recent concert in Ottawa  (Shenkman Arts Centre) was a big success thanks in part to my great friend/manager, Jerry Black. We had a full house (the front row was blocked off) – and lots of enthusiasm from our audience. They sang along with the next-to-final song of the evening – “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Powerful song for group singing!

Thank you to all those who helped us and looked after us (Doug on piano, Bob on bass and myself) when we were in Ottawa:
Roberta, Michele, Marilyn, Kita and others…
You are a joy in my life.

I had several dresses made for the occasion – a far cry from my usual all-black outfits. In case you were not at the concert, here at the left is my latest “look.”

I’m beginning to work on a new show for the fall. The Ottawa concert was a testing ground for a more vibrant style of clothing. It’s hard to tell, maybe, but part of the dress is in leopard-skin print. And it’s covered with sequins! A lot of fun! (Here’s a larger photo, if you are keen on detail.)

What is my new show about?
I will unveil it soon.

My pianist, Doug Balfour and I are currently continuing with a recording process that began back in January, 2015. Doug lives in Toronto. I am in Montreal. So we must plan our schedule of recordings very carefully to minimize travel.

In January we recorded 3 songs for my upcoming “Passionate Heart” recording: Both Sides Now, Lullaby for a deep sleep  & Windmills of Your Mind. I’d like to give you a sneak preview of Both Sides Now (with piano, voice, bass, saxophone.)

ear icon -compressedWe will add strings (string quartet) to this recording in the weeks to come.
But if you are interested in hearing how Both Sides Now is evolving, please
click here to listen. 
If you have comments or questions, you can always reach me at

See you again, soon!
My best,

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