RORYRory.Scofield blends her 25+ years of training in the Mitzvah technique with her astonishing abilities as a professional dancer/choreographer…

She works in two distinct ways with a client: she does hands-on gentle manipulation while the client lies on a massage-like table. Then she takes a client through various kinds of  movement exercises and techniques in her dance studio.

Barbara- in movmentBarbara- in movment2One of these techniques involves sitting on a stool – me at the front of the stool, while Rory perches behind me. She literally wraps herself around me. In this way, she moves my body – arms and upper torso – using her own liquid motion. While this may sound rather “personal,” I found it to be a surprisingly educative process. As I felt the buttery motion of her muscles moving mine, she taught me that this kind of smooth movement was also possible for me. At least for the short term. Staying in that fluid state of movement takes a lot of practice!

red shoes - smallHer therapeutic approach has helped me to learn how to stay much looser on stage – and to take more risks. She taught me about the importance of feeling grounded – feet to the earth – (thus my new-found pleasure in singing without shoes!). She reminded me that my head will feel pulled up to the sky when I am standing well – lengthening my spine – as my tailbone hangs free.

I wish I could say that I feel this way all the time since my sessions with Rory. I don’t. But now I know how to work on it daily. And I am beginning to understand the physical feeling of being more uplifted and fluid.

ABOUT SEXUALITY – Rory  feels that many of us have lost touch with our most powerful feelings of sexuality because, in part, we are not really listening to our bodies. We hear what our noisy minds are saying all day long. Chatter, chatter. But the body’s “song” is hidden behind that noise.

Her purpose is, in part, to help you to relearn how your body needs to stand, sit and move for maximum ease and flexibility so that the spine can ripple with elasticity.

With a deep knowledge that comes after many years of therapeutic work, Rory uses her hands gently and expertly to find areas in the body that are “gripped” with various kinds of tensions. Then she loosens that grip.

She feels that in unlocking these tight areas, people are better able to get behind the dominance of the mind’s voice and listen to the more primal voice of the body. In this way, we learn that we can live with less pain, greater spontaneity, and a more organic connection to our sexuality.

More on reclaiming sexuality
Rory explains… “There are only a few math whizzes on this planet who, the more that they do math equations, the quicker they are able to solve those arithmetic problems.”

To be able to continually accelerate like this is a unique ability, apparently.

How do they do it? “When their brains are scanned, it is seen they have moved the function of the math into the area of brain that is reflexive.”

Rory likens this ability to dance steps… “I can tap dance quicker than you can count, because my dancing works in the area of the reflexive. Sexuality also belongs in the reflexive part of the brain. But we have moved it into the more cerebral place in the brain where people play games, feel diminished, or hungry for control over another person etc.”

However… The deep touch of two bodies together, two people who are connected to the song of the body, can move together in a way that ripples their spines. “This is the way nature corrects any imbalance in the body.. through the natural rippling motion of the spine.

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