barbara-lewis-2013-tinyYour Age Is Your Power

Whatever your age, you have strengths that come with that portion of life. (Read more confidence boosters, here.)

Pre-teens & Teens – Your power is in the beginning of things. You are starting out

20´s – Your power is in your ferocious energy. Your bodies and minds are sharp with fuel.

30´s – Your power is in knowledge. You begin to understand the strength that comes with knowing more about yourself and the world.

40´s – You begin to understand the power of work. Most things in life take work. “Luck” often follows work. You have seen how this happens.

50´s – You know the power of choice. You choose where to put your energy more carefully, because you can no longer do “everything.”

60´s – You know the power of a new beginning. Your children are gone or leaving. Your work life is changing. You can take on new life quests.

70´s – You have learned the power of endurance. You have come this far. You still have emotional energy. You plan to express your years through singing.

80´s – You know the power of patience. You can now take your time and sing when life allows it.

90´s – You know the power of peace. Your ambitions are quiet. You sing for joy.

100´s – You know the power of uniqueness. Few of us reach this age. You sing to an inner landscape of time and history.

borobodhurAnd at all stages of life,
you sing with the strange power
of the known and the unknown universe. 

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