Romantic Words & Actions – 7 Tips To Keep Your Love Aglow!

(Here is a romantic song to tell your “Love”  how much you care.  Also read  – How To Find Love!)

Barbara Lewis - the value of quiet musicFOR MANY OF US, Love is the center of life. And when love is not flowing, our days can feel empty & dry. This flow of love could be with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Or it may be the precious love from/for a long-time spouse.

Keeping that stream of love in motion is a challenge that many of us face day to day. I was married for 30 years until my beloved husband suddenly died. And now, 4 years later, I am fortunate to be enjoying another wonderful full-time relationship. I´ve always had a great interest in finding simple words and actions that will give my lover a boost. Here are 7 things that you can say and/or do to help keep that mysterious feeling that we call ¨love,¨ aglow.

Talk – Romantic Words
1. ¨I am so grateful to have you in my life.¨ – These words are magic. Ten simple words that speak volumes and can mend torn feelings. During our hectic days, we tend to overlook an expression of gratitude for one another as a way to stay close. Say this to your loved one at any time, but especially when something nice has happened between the two of you. These words can deepen the feeling of trust and appreciation.

2. ¨I´m drinking you in…¨ – These words are a little riskier to speak, but powerful. You need to find the right time to say it, so that you do not feel silly. My husband used to stand in the kitchen drinking his coffee, and he would stare at me with loving eyes over the brim of his cup. Then he would say those 4 words. My heart would soar. I´d tell him he was a crazy guy. And we´d laugh together at our good fortune to be in love.

3. ¨I was thinking today about things we can do together. Why don´t we…¨ – This takes a little more thinking before you speak. Look for novel, inexpensive ideas that can be accomplished without much planning or work. Surprise her or him with the suggestion of a visit to an art gallery or a local concert. Suggest a walk in a nearby park. Or plan to take a bubble bath together. (You must supply the bubble bath crystals!) Or, as my beau recently suggested – ¨Let´s go have the best hot dog in town!¨

Act – Simple Romantic Actions
5. TOUCH – There is nothing like the pleasure of touch. Next time you have a happy thought about the man or woman you love, act on it. Get up, walk over to him/her and put your arms around them. Just hug. No sexual come-on is necessary. This is a moment for the joy of simple physical connection.

6. DANCE –  It´s very difficult to remain unhappy and disconnected when you are dancing together. Find the right time. Play a song you both like. Or perhaps a song comes on the radio… Take your loved one by the hand and dance. Don´t try to dance for the whole song. A couple of minutes can change and uplift your mood. You don´t need to dance well for this to have a great effect. Dance for the fun of it.

7. IMAGINE – Sometimes it is not possible to engage your loved one in physical terms. He or she may be far away from you, either physically (ie: miles away), or emotionally (you need to do some healing work.)

barbara lewis, sea of love,
Floating in a Sea Of Love

In that case, use your powers of imagination to close the distance in your own mind – Love is not a fleeting, ¨now & then¨ element in life. We are surrounded by it. Love flows from friends & family members and from pets.

We are fueled by the love that we feel for our own lives; for our passions, our homes, our work. There is always an ocean of love around us. But sometimes, we cannot feel it or express it.

When you feel that love is flagging between you and your special lover, try this: Find a few quiet minutes. Sit or lie down. Close your eyes. Envision yourself and your loved one floating in a sea of love. You are surrounded by effortless love. You ask nothing from him or her because the two of you are encompassed by endless love. Feel the fear float away… and relax. Know that you will be alright – no matter what. Then find ways to express your love to those who are around you. When your partner returns, you will be in a loving frame of mind and open to healing wounds or to re-establishing a deep connection.
Here is a song that I wrote about the kind of Love that endures a lifetime. It is one of my best-selling songs. You can sample it first and then purchase it as a gift to the one you love! (Read more about Romantic Words!)

Give your Love a
Love Song
(sample & purchase)

Looking in his eyes, there she sees a light
And her heart is pouring
Pouring through his past, far into his night
Captured by the stars that burn so bright
This is love
Love is waking here

And he feels her slide deep into his dreams
Haunting all his waking
When he holds her close,
heat moves like the tide
Filling all the emptiness inside
This is love
Love is waking here

The beauty of their skin will fade
the sight within their eyes grow dim
the dreams of their youth will rise
like roses to the sun and fade away
And still their love will grow
Don’t let your love die
It will grow

Looking in their eyes, when the years have past
There you see the heart glow
Shining through the dark,
waiting for the light
Remembering the stars
that burn so bright
This is love.
Love is waking here.


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